Our philosophy is to try to be fair, open, good value, simple and flexible.  This is hard to achieve but we try.  Hopefully we reflect this in our charging structure.



Rental Price

£200 fixed fee per stay for the whole house.

PLUS £30/£50/£70 per night for low/medium/high season.



High: July, August and Winter (including Christmas/New Year)

Mid: April – June, September, Early winter

Low: Autumn


For example, one weeks rental would be:

High season — £690 (£200 fixed fee plus £70 x 7 = £490)

Mid season — £550 (£200 fixed fee plus £50 x 7 = £350)

Low season — £410 (£200 fixed fee plus £30 x 7 = £210)


Tourist Tax

Tourist tax is extra charged per night, and can be paid in EUR or GBP.  €1.26 per adult, €0.63 per child 7year or older, €0 per child 6years or younger.



Our offering

We rent out the whole house whether for a couple or for 8 (maximum).  

You can arrive and leave any day of the week, to fit in with your holiday plans and flights.  

There is no minimum stay (except New Year which is one week).  

Because of what we have to pay for each set of guests (cleaning, laundry, housekeeping etc.) longer stays are better value for you; but we hope that our shorter stays are still good value.


Important notes about payment methods

In the spirit of keeping prices low and covering our costs we think it is fair to give you different payment options but the more it costs us, the more it will cost you.

We take direct transfers to bank accounts in GBP sterling and EUR at the above rental prices.  For EUR transaction we simply apply the base exchange rate to the GBP figure to calculate the EUR figure.  We use but they should all be the same.  We aren’t here to make money on money exchange so this is effectively commission free base rates.

If you want to pay using PayPal that is fine too but we only have a UK PayPal account so there may be fees involved which we would pass on to you.  If you doing a straight PayPal money transfer as you would to a friend (e.g. not selecting buyer protection) then there are no fees.  Obviously its your call.  PayPal also allows you to use a credit card but again but again there are fees.

You can also use the HomeAway payment where we have most of our enquiries, but they charge even more and if you are not paying in GBP you have to accept their exchange rates.